Beware the Task Monster

The stories way back in our childhood about monsters under the bed or the boogie man in the cuboard are not true, we know that because we’re still alive. Since these are good news for our little ones, there’s a dark force which is so real, it is actually able to dangerously affect us adults badly. I’m not making up a story here guys, I saw it with my own eyes! It always happens in front of screens at work or by wiping your fingers on the cold surface of your mobile. It is easy to notice when this evil force affects someone. These poor individuals are so full of fear and under pressure, it really sucks their life blood out of them and leaves them with an empty stare. This haunting thread is called the Task Monster and this is what it looks like:

It is so scary and it all starts with a simple eMail-Adressl! Once you have your first the seed for the growing of the task monster is planted deep into your PC, Mac or Mobile Phone. Through the electromagnetic fields of these gadgets the Task Monster will directly grow in your brain! You continue working online and it all gets worse. By installing and using all of these little helpers like Basecamp, Dropbox, Trello, Podio, Wunderkit, Things and by using Google Docs and opening Facebook Groups the Task Monster starts to grow. And then one day you start feeling an itching and scratching in your shoulders, Doctors keep telling you it is about being stressed out and all, but this not true at all. It is the parasitic Task Monster that is slowly growing. With every mail you’re reading, every check hook your are setting in your To-Do Lists you’re feeding it. And then one day, when you forget to supply the Task Monster with the „Woosh“ sounds of outgoing Mails, when you stop to check notifications and when you stop creating workspaces and manage tasks: IT WILL BREAK OUT!

It will hit you with the check hook of evil and with that your inboxes in every single mail-postbox and online service you are using will be doomed. You will have 233 unread notifications that are undeletable and just like sisyphos you will be forced to work it over and over again, the rest of your life!

So keep up working your tasks and feeding the Task Monster, before it is too late!

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