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It is official. After the success of the rockstar sales course at betahaus and various consulting assignments for Berlin startups, I launched an e-learning course to improve your sales skills. In this course you will learn how to find right clients, attract them, give a rocking sales pitch and close the deal. Sales is the key for success of every coworker, freelancer, entrepreneur and startup. No matter if your business is B2C or B2B – all negotiation, contact and sales is H2H – Human to Human. Sales is no art or some skill you have been born with, it’s perfectly learnable.

I recorded more than 2 hours and 40 minutes of sales wisdom in 13 videos from 8-20 minutes. The ffluid Sales Course consists of four parts, each part is dedicated to a special topic and guides you to your goal to become a sales professional.


The ffluid Sales Coaching Manual


The ffluid Sales Coaching Manual is a 11 page strong PDF with a lot of valuable advice for your sales process. On top of that you will find a link to a hidden sales course for a special price! Here’s what’s in it for you:

  • Beware the Sales Dungeon: a place where you should never find yourself in and why so many sales managers are there already.
  • The 7-step-Sales Funnel: a in depth explanation of how to design your sales funnel to always keep track of your sales progress.
  • The Sales Acquisition Formula: A detailed explanation of how to calculate your personal sales acquisition costs from contact research to closing the deal.

Download the ffluid Sales Coaching Manual here.


ffluid Sales Course Part 1: Pitch Master


Pitching is the most requested course content. It’s because pitching on point and cutting the bullshit is one of the most important points as a sales person. In this course you learn in four detailed videos how to pitch like a master. This is the content:

  1. How to pitch in 15 words.
  2. How to use sales orientated language through the FAB-tool.
  3. What are the most important presentation skills during a pitch or an important meeting?
  4. How to build the most comprehensible pitch deck/ presentation ever.

Here’s the direct link to the Pitch Master.


ffluid Sales Course Part 2: Acquisition Master


Acquisition and especially cold calling is the most feared discipline in sales. But if you know about the details of cold calling and some important rethorical tricks, you can actually grow eager to pick up the phone. This is the content of the Acquisition Master:

  1. About persuasive sales communication.
  2. A detailed CRM-System Tutorial
  3. The golden ADB rule (featuring a special guest)
  4. Your clients sales funnel

Here’s the direct link to the Acquisition Master.


ffluid Sales Course Part 3: Sales Strategy Master


Sales Strategy is the most underestimated sales discipline. It is because presenting or acquisition seems to be the more important skill. It is not. This is the content of the Sales Strategy Master:

  1. How to build an inbound sales strategy
  2. Calculating your sales acquisition costs
  3. About sales negotiation and closing deals

Here’s the direct link to the Sales Strategy Master.

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  • Moritz
    17. Januar 2016 at 20:00  - Reply

    Moin mein Sales-Meister,

    Kurzes Feedback zu Deinem Tutorial:

    a) das Bildmaterial sieht zu „Homegrown“ aus, wenig professionell

    b) die Struktur von 13 Videos in 4 Abschnitten hab ich erst nach ner viel zu langen Zeit rumklicken verstanden. Am Besten wär ganz am Anfang eine graphische Übersicht, wie Dein Angebot strukturiert ist und was es konkret beinhaltet.

    c) ein „Probevideo“ for free wär gut, damit ich als Nutzer sehe, ob diese Art zu lernen mit Dir mir gefällt. So kaufe ich die Katze im Sack. Ich würde z.B. lieber mit Dir via Skype direkt üben. Nur Inhalte / Faktenwissen über Sales kann ich vermutlich in Buchform preiswerter erwerben. Du als Person bist doch der Mehrwert ;-)

    Hoffe, dat hilft Dir.

    Liebe Grüße Mo

    • Jormason
      28. Januar 2016 at 06:32  - Reply

      Dank dir lieber Moritz. Home grown it is – ist mein Stehtisch und was die „Wand“ ist quasi mein Beamer. Aber das geht besser, das stimmt. Sehr gute Idee mit der Struktur, ich habe das Feedback bekommen, dass 13 Videos zu viel sind und sich Sales-Studenten lieber kleinere Parts wünschen. Die Idee mit der Grafik ist wirklich gut, Dank dir!! Ja Probevideo kommt – was keiner herausfindet bisher – jeder Kurs lässt sich anspielen. Aber vielleicht setze ich da nochmal konkret ein extra Video hin. Gute Idee!

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