Sales Rockstar Workshop

This is something special for me. Thanks to the guys from betahaus who asked me if I can host a workshop 100% committed to the topic of selling you, your startup and your services. I first developed initial thoughts directly with Christoph, we asked ourselves what we could teach coworkers in the betahaus community that really would boost their impact of every day work routine? And the answer was sales.

There’s no topic, which is actually so full of myths and legends than the process of finding the right potential clients, presenting services or products and selling them. There is a big misunderstanding for the sales job itself. Of course it is good to simply hire a kick ass sales professional and to let her or him do the sales work. But as a Founder and especially as a Freelancer you should be able to sell yourself first, even when it doesn’t feels comfortable. The fear for cold calling is that big, I actually heard about acquisition services that propose doing cold calling for you.

While there’s nothing wrong in hiring a good sales person, as an Entrepreneur you should always be able to sell your idea, your startup and services better than anyone else. Because you are the company and as a Freelancer you are the services you are selling. 

And it’s not that difficult. Sales is something everybody can learn. Of course there is also true talent in sales which is difficult to teach, but it is not necessary to shine brightly in every step of the sales process. Actually there are so many bad examples for selling people out there, I believe that everybody can be a better sales person than they are.

With the most awesome program manager of the betahaus Elizaveta and her great team, we assembled the complete guide to sales mastership. We will hold three full day workshops in the beautiful arena of the betahaus (10:00h AM to 17:00h PM) and there’s even more. Since sales is a lot about loosing your fears and „get your ass in gear“ we will have three breakfast sessions to speak about your success and how to cure your failure. I even invited two great guest speakers, Dafne a very talented actress who will talk about the right posture and attitude in sales and Andreas, a true sales veteran who trained more than 250 people in his team. Please book your tickets here over at Eventbrite and have a look at the eventpage at are all the dates and the program: 

Session 1: The Rockstar sales pitch (Sunday, 26.10. 10:00h-17:00)

In the first workshop we will develop you very own sales pitch. what are the benefits of your products and services from the client perspective? How can you approach it in a suitable sales pitch? 

Breakfast Session 1, 29.10. 09:30h-11:00h

Session 2: The Acquisition (Saturday, 1.11. 10:00h-17:00)

Cold calls, meeting arrangements, presentations. Learn how to master the first and hardest part of the sales funnel in this workshop. Including guest lecture about acquisition.

Breakfast Session 2, 5.11. 09:30h-11:00h

Session 3: The Eternal sales funnel (Saturday, 8.11. 10:00h-17:00)

How can you develop a constant flow of leads? How can you increase your inbound leads and stop craving for deals? Learn how to stop outbound sales and step into the wonderful world of inbound sales.

Breakfast Session 3, 12.11. 09:30h-11:00h

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  • Jan
    30. April 2015 at 18:58  - Reply

    Thanks Jörn for this inspiring, important and well structured workshop. Cheers – a sales rockstar ;-)

    • Jormason
      19. Mai 2015 at 17:48  - Reply

      Thank you so much dear Jan! It was a pleasure having you and probs for your tremendous Startup success!

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